Jelssport exercise mat review: A sturdy mat for tness freaks

Jelssport exercise mat review: A sturdy mat for tness freaks

Jelssport exercise mat review: A sturdy mat for fitness freaks


Jels mat comes with a yoga strap that you can just easily slip onto your mat and be able to carry with you wherever you're going. This has excellent grips on the bottom and a nice extra thick cushion to the mat.

This one comes with a yoga strap, so you can quickly wrap it up. It is kind of thick, so when you sit it down, it does tend to unwind, so this keeps it nicely together. Then you can take it off with you, so if you love working with this thicker mat at home and you attend a studio that has thinner yoga mats, you may find that you want to take this along with you to every class that you go to. This mat comes in several different color options such as red, black, blue, grey, pink, and green. Choose the one that you like.

Built for absorbing rough usage

For people that are planning to use this mat for multiple purposes, you know that when you wear sneakers on a mat, it's quite different than barefoot work, so you won't worry about this if you're doing Pilates bar yoga where you're barefoot or wearing bar socks, but if you're on a workout mat that you're going to use with sneakers maybe while doing weights training or some bodyweight workout,  hit workouts, etc. then this is a material that doesn't peel away and doesn't leave tiny pieces behind.

If you use a yoga mat with shoes, I don't think it would be one of those mats that just falls apart and leaves pieces behind you to know what I’m talking about if you have used a mat with your sneakers on it and it all falls apart. This is not one of the most those materials, so if you want to do work where you'll be wearing your sneakers, this is a good material for you.

What I really like about it is when you're doing plank work and things you have on both sides, you have these like grippy sections, so it's different from what's in the center, so you have extra grip. It's nice and comfortable and the same thing at the bottom, so if you were to reverse directions, you have it there also, it's nice and padded and thick, which is really great, and you've got these grips here on the bottom. So, it doesn't slide around while working out.

If you are doing Pilates, you need something thicker like springboards for that practice. However, a mat’s surface can become very slick and slippery, especially when you get sweaty, so it's fine when you're working on the springboards, but when you're doing some of the matte exercises, it can be less comfortable there and can also slide around a little bit depending on your positioning. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the Jels Exercise yoga mat.

There are some things like if you're working on a hard floor or, let's say, your workout space; you've got tiles that are really hard and can be unforgiving on the wrists and joints, so there are times where you spent some time traveling to someone's house or any other location that had just tile everywhere and did not have a good thick cushion mat like Jels. After a couple of push-ups, a little bit of plank work will put a strain on your wrist, and this exercise mat will be very protective and forgiving to your wrist.

This is definitely comfortable. It doesn't feel like the standard yoga mat you put on the floor that feels so hard compared to other thick Pilates mats, but I also feel it still provided adequate cushioning where you can do more counts there without feeling like without feeling hurting.


You can clean it easily with just spray cleaner since it's designed to soak up that moisture and not let it sit on the surface. So, before your workout, just spray a little bit, wipe right there before it can soak in, and it really makes a difference when you're sweating on the mat, and after cleaning, it wouldn't look like there were wet spots or anything for that matter.


Using Jels yoga mat would be so great for a yoga or Pilates practice. If you are a heavy workout user or a fitness freak, you can go ahead with this mat as its material is made to absorb all the rough usage and make sure it remains smooth for your body. Jelssport pround to be one of the top pick partners on some pretigious blogs.

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